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Director George Clooney

United States / 9 января 2005 / 30 min.

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Unscripted is the on going tales of three out of work actors navigating the rough terrain of Los Angeles. In a land where the universal word for actors is "No", Unscripted takes a look at these three kind souls just trying to survive. Bryan is the nice guy suffering the indignaties of a young actor from backstabbing to humiliation. Krista is a girl trying to break the mold of always being the sexy girl but continually finds herself in print advertisements as the bombshell. Then Jennifer is a young girl virtually antagonized for her looks but maintains a healthy attitude. As these three mutual friends sit in on an acting class, lead by the legendary Goddard Fult, a man of many words which can be occasionally harsh but constructive criticism and genuine passion for the craft show in his teachings.
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