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Platina 2 (serial)



Director Murad Aliyev

Russia / 40 min. (480 min

[ About war About jail ]

Here you will find Platina 2 (serial) 2009 cast list, HD desktop wallpapers and high quality picture gallery. To understand better the Platina 2 (serial) plot read the synopsis. And don't forget to rate the TV series and leave a review if you have already watched it!

Platina 2 (serial) - TRAILER AND SYNOPSIS
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  • Platina 2 (serial) picture behind the scenes.
  • Platina 2 (serial)
  • Platina 2 (serial)
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  • Platina 2 (serial)
  • Platina 2 (serial)
  • Platina 2 (serial)
  • Platina 2 (serial)
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Are in doubt whether you should watch Platina 2 (serial) TV series online or buy it on DVD? will help you to make the right decision! First of all read the summary and watch Platina 2 (serial) trailer. Then read reviews and check the IMDB rating - a high ranking almost always means that you will watch the high quality and interesting series. As usual Murad Aliyev makes really addictive TV shows in action,detective so Platina 2 (serial) may also worth your attention. Stay tuned and be the first to know the exact Platina 2 (serial) new series release date!
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